#Dress Like a Woman: Women React in Style to Reports of Trump’s Dress Code for Female Staff

What does it mean to #Dress Like a Woman? After a report alleged that President Trump preferred women to “dress like women,” people are taking to social media to turn that hashtag on its head.

In a story published by Axios news , a source involved in Trump’s election campaign shared some details on the new president’s preferences for staff attire. Trump apparently pays equal attention to the appearance of male and female workers. If you’re a man, you need to be “sharply dressed… You should have a good physical demeanor, good stature, hair well-groomed.”Steve Bannon is noted as a unique exception . On the other hand, the source reports that female staff are expected to “dress like women.”

The suggestion triggered a backlash on Twitter, with women sharing their personal interpretation of the dress code. No doubt, these outfits may not be what the President had in mind. Take a look at how the Twittersphere thinks a woman should dress:

In Politics

Bring your baby. Teach her to vote. Teach her to govern. Dress like Licia Ronzulli in European Parliment. 

On the Court

In the Air

Nice, I need to take a trip @3ChicsPolitico First all female African-American flight crew

In the Snow

In the Supreme Court

In Battle

In an Emergency

In the Hospital

View image on Twitter

That’s me on the left wearing my favorite outfit 

 In Outer Space

View image on Twitter

View image on TwitterThe world is already used to President Trump causing a stir on Twitter. But what began as a backlash to claims about gendered dress codes has turned into a celebration of what it looks like to be a woman in all its diversity and strength.

At a time when women’s rights seem increasingly under threat from political rhetoric and policy , peaceful acts of resistance both big and small are a powerful display of defiance and solidarity.

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